Safety culture?  What’s the point? 

“Safety culture” is something that many will have heard of.  But what is safety culture?  Is it important for actual safety outcomes – or is it an entirely academic matter, with no relation to how things work in your organisation?  Does having a positive culture make any difference in the real world?

Communication, Technology and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Picture of a group of people watching the VAR

There was a big refereeing error in the match between Tottenham and Liverpool and Liverpool at the weekend (1st October). A Liverpool goal was ruled out for offside by the on-field refereeing team. In the English Premier League, there is a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system which allows on-field decisions to be scrutinised by a group of officials with access to video technology.

Human Error: Errordinary to the Extraordinary!

The same psychological mechanisms that underly errors in our ordinary, everyday life are also at play in the most extraordinary events that we see in the headlines. The positive message is that we can understand these mechanisms and do something about it.

Beyond human error: Non-destructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic testing (UT)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic testing (UT)

UT thickness scanning is a technique which is used extensively in the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry to examine the condition of pressurised piping and equipment.  Done well, the information it provides can assist in the management of Plant Safety; done badly, the information could provide a false impression of the integrity and safety of the Plant.

Festive failures

Festive failures

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming…

… not long now!

But before we relax too much, there’s chance to have a fun look at festive failure.

Given how busy and stressful time of year can be, one might even think there’s more chance of error. Always remain sensitive to the chance of failure!