Understanding human behaviour and human error

A paper concerning error types and classifications with a focus on a number of models of human performance such as Generic Error Modelling System and the Step Ladder Model.

What you will learn

An influential classification of the different types of information processing involved in industrial tasks was developed by J. Rasmussen of the Risø Laboratory in Denmark.

This scheme provides a useful framework for identifying the types of error likely to occur in different operational situations, or within different aspects of the same task where different types of information processing demands on the individual may occur.

The classification system, known as the Skill, Rule, Knowledge-based (SRK) approach is described in a number of publications, e.g. Rasmussen (1979, 1982, 1987), Reason (1990). An extensive discussion of Rasmussen’s influential work in this area is contained in Goodstein et al (1988) which also contains a
comprehensive bibliography.