Process Industries

Process Industries

Procedures and Quality Assurance Systems

Allied Colloids

  • Assessment of operating procedure provision and development of a procedures design manual with an associated two-day course in procedure design.

American Cyanamid (USA)

  • Review of quality assurance programme in an Olefines Intermediate Plant.

Blue Circle Cement

  • Application of a Systematic Critical Human Error Management Approach (SCHEMA) to the development of standard operating procedures for X-ray fluorescence testing.

Hampshire Chemicals

  • Development of emergency operating procedures.

Laporte (Interox) Chemical Ltd

  • Application of a systematic human error auditing technique to the development of operating procedures in a batch chemical plant.

Shell Exploration and Production

  • Application of the Procedures and Competency Development Methodology (PCDM) to a Natural gas plant.

Shell Chemicals and Oils

  • Development of an audit tool to evaluate procedures and operating instructions.
  • Assessment of quality of operators` instructions and procedures at a refinery.
  • Application of the Procedures and Competency Development Methodology (PCDM) to all operating units at a refinery.
  • Development of a user-driven design methodology for operating instructions and procedures.

Health and Safety Executive

  • Human reliability assessment of a chlorine handling operation.

Shell Chemicals and Oils

  • Human factors study of furnace operations at an oil refinery.
  • Development of an emergency response system for an oil refinery.
  • Management consultancy to define organisational responsibilities and accountabilities at a refinery.

Permit to Work


  • Evaluation of existing Permit to Work Systems and development of new approaches.

Shell Chemicals and Oils

  • Analysis of Permit to Work Systems.

Health and Safety Executive

  • Development of a handbook for Permit to Work Systems for small and medium sized companies.

Human Factors and Safety Analysis in the Chemical Industry


Safety audit and subsequent training course covering the areas of:

  • Human factors in safety management as demonstrated in their COMAH submission.
  • Methods used for reporting and investigating incidents, and their effectiveness in addressing human factors.

Davy McKee

  • Human factors analysis of a computerised process control system and development of generic human factors design guidelines.

Exxon Production Research Company (USA)

  • Development of a practical systems-based approach to optimise human performance in upstream chemical operations.

Esso Exploration and Production

  • Development of a methodology to identify critical human interactions with plants.

Exxon Chemical

  • Practical application of the technique developed for Exxon Research (see above) to various chemical process operations.

Imperial Chemical Industries (Organics Division)

  • Analysis of operator workload and error rates in chemical plant control.

Warren Spring Laboratory

  • Assessment of design factors affecting mental workload in process plants.

Neste Oy and Kemira Oy (Finland)

  • Application of the Systematic Critical Human Error Management Approach (SCHEMA) to a case study of a chemical plant operation.

Human Factors and Safety Analysis in the Offshore Industry


  • Human Factors assessment of an offshore control centre.
  • Safety analysis of satellite wire-lining operations.

Statoil (Norway)

  • Safety assessment of the launch of a free fall lifeboat.

Health and Safety Executive

  • Human reliability assessment of a chlorine handling operation.
  • Development of a methodology to assess human factors in offshore safety cases (Offshore Safety Directorate)

Specialist Training

Imperial Chemical Industries (Polyester Division)

  • Development of training and job aid support to allow improved handling of process disturbances.

TNO (Holland)

  • Provision of a one-week course in human reliability analysis techniques.

Petroleos de Venezuela (Venezuela)

  • Provision of a two-week human reliability technology transfer course.

Center for Chemical Process Safety (USA)

  • Preparation of handbook for improving human performance in chemical process safety.

User Specification and Development

Imperial Chemical Industries (Fibres Division)

  • Design of user specification for computer based process management systems.