Power Generation

Power Generation


Electricity Supply Board of Ireland (Eire)

  • Audit of procedures development process.
  • Production of procedures for auxiliary power plant equipment.

Institute of Nuclear Systems Safety (Japan)

  • Evaluation of emergency operating procedures.
  • Development of guidelines for computerisation of procedures.
  • Development of systems for automatic generation of procedures.
  • Human Interaction with Agent-based Emergency Operating Procedures.

International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria)

  • Development of guidelines for computer assisted decision aids for control room operators.
  • Survey of the use of emergency operating procedures in nuclear accidents.

Scottish Nuclear plc

  • Evaluation of presentation of job instructions.
  • Evaluation of quality of job maintenance instructions.

Human Reliability Assessments

Atomic Industrial Forum (USA)

  • Quantification of operator actions in nuclear power plant accidents involving degraded cores.

Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) (for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

  • Development of the Success Likelihood Index Methodology (SLIM) for human reliability assessment.

Committee for Safety in Nuclear Installations, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (France)

  • Preparation of a handbook section on human reliability assessment.

Computer Software Development Company (Japan)

  • Provision of software and training services for the assessment and prediction of human reliability.

Mitsubishi Atomic Power (Japan)

  • Analysis of the human reliability aspects of shut-down PSA`s.

Rolls Royce and Associates

  • Assessment of the use of the Success Likelihood Index Methodology (SLIM) in marine nuclear operations.

Westinghouse Corporation (USA)

  • Research on the application of cognitive modelling to Probabilistic Risk Assessment of nuclear power plants.
  • Provision of training in human reliability assessment.
  • Provision of software tools for human reliability assessment.

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

  • Evaluation of approaches for qualitatively modelling human errors for probabilistic risk assessment.

Human Error and Human Factors Studies

Electric Power Research Institute (USA)

  • Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Significant Event Reports to determine the root causes of human errors causing dependent failures.

Central Electricity Generating Board

  • Design of displays for grid control centres.
  • Evaluation of the operation of Pulverised fuel mills in a coal fired power station.
  • Analysis of operators` diagnostic strategies in a coal fired power station.

Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industries (Japan)

  • Review of research on team performance under stress.

Directorate for Research and Development (European Union)

  • The use of simulators for human factors research in the nuclear industry.
  • Survey of modelling approaches for the human operator in Major Hazard Systems.

Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (USA)

  • Design of screening forms for determining categories of operator error in nuclear power operations.
  • Evaluation of human performance monitoring schemes including the Human Performance Evaluation System (HPES).
  • Application of the Success Likelihood Index Methodology (SLIM) in sequence risk assessment analysis.

International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria)

  • Participation in technical committees on experience with simulator training for emergency conditions.
  • Participation in technical committees on Human Error Probabilities.

Japan Atomic Energy Research Centre

  • Review of cognitive modelling approaches relevant to operator performance.

Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute

  • Development of a specification for a human factors test facility for advanced control rooms.
  • Development of systems and methodologies to collect data on, and analyse, human error data within nuclear power plants.
  • Reviews of models of human performance.

Nuclear Power Engineering and Test Centre (NUPEC) (Japan)

  • Review of effects of stress on decision making and problem solving in emergencies.
  • Development of a method for collecting human performance data from simulators.
  • Development of a human failure prevention model.

TUV (West Germany)

  • Analysis of human error data from simulated nuclear power plant emergencies using the Generic Error Modelling System.

Scottish Nuclear plc

  • Assessment of safety culture.

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

  • Development of a model for the mental processing involved during data interpretation in reactor pressure vessel inspection.
  • Development of a prototype system to aid engineers in identifying decision making errors in abnormal scenarios in nuclear power plants.
  • Identification and analysis of factors which influence human error in non-destructive testing.
  • A review and evaluation of the Shift Technical Advisor concept in nuclear power plant operation.

Accident Investigation

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

  • Application of the Influence Diagram Technique for assessing human actions in Severe Accident Sequences.
  • Cognitive task analysis for degraded core sequences.

Scottish Nuclear plc

  • Review of accident reporting system.