Other Industries

Other Industries

Jaguar Cars

  • Development of a model of human performance for use in the design of Advanced Vehicle Systems.

Human Reliability and Safety Analysis

Milford Haven Port Authority

  • Analysis of the Organisational and human factors aspects of safety at Milford Haven Port.

Marine Safety Agency

  • Human factors aspects of applying formal safety analysis to high speed craft operations.
  • Development of the Human Factors Aspects of a Formal Safety Analysis Methodology for use in international shipping.

Human Factors and Safety in the Service Industries

British Telecom

  • Analysis of causes of falling accidents from telephone poles.

The Post Office

  • An analysis of the causes of misdelivery of mail through analysis of complaints letters and the design and evaluation of a questionnaire survey.

Rank Xerox

  • Design of initial technical specification for the end user interface of a proposed electronic maintenance manual.
  • Design of desk for use in the scanning of patents for the European Patent Office.
  • Provision of management consultancy services in connection with print and distribution and translation sections of Customer and Service Education Division.

Human Factors and Safety in the Construction and Defence Industries

Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA)

  • Human factors aspects of military aircraft maintenance.

Health and Safety Executive

  • Study of the influence of management, organisational and human factors issues on safety in the construction industry.

Ministry of Defence

  • Review of human error modelling techniques to provide design guidelines.
  • Quantification of human error probabilities in explosives handling.
  • Development of a method to assess risk from human errors during the storage of explosive materials.