Introduction to Human Factors SYSTEMS Critical Task Analysis (SCTA): Going beyond safety

In a world where efficiency, productivity, and excellence are paramount, organisations are constantly seeking methods to optimise their processes, streamline operations, and meet their objectives. One such approach is SYSTEMS Critical Task Analysis (SCTA). CTAs are most typically used for safety assessment.  Systems CTA extends this focus to other applications such as enhancing efficiency, improving quality, and optimizing processes.

Communication, Technology and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

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There was a big refereeing error in the match between Tottenham and Liverpool and Liverpool at the weekend (1st October). A Liverpool goal was ruled out for offside by the on-field refereeing team. In the English Premier League, there is a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system which allows on-field decisions to be scrutinised by a group of officials with access to video technology.

Top 5 takeaways from doing HTAs

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Having participated as a facilitator in our in-house Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) course, as well as taking part in various SCTA workshops for around two years, I thought I would share my top 5 takeaways from doing and teaching HTAs.