Introduction to Human Factors SYSTEMS Critical Task Analysis (SCTA): Going beyond safety

Piper Alpha disaster

In a world where efficiency, productivity, and excellence are paramount, organisations are constantly seeking methods to optimise their processes, streamline operations, and meet their objectives. One such approach is SYSTEMS Critical Task Analysis (SCTA). CTAs are most typically used for safety assessment.  Systems CTA extends this focus to other applications such as enhancing efficiency, improving quality, and optimizing processes.

Beyond human error: Non-destructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic testing (UT)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic testing (UT)

UT thickness scanning is a technique which is used extensively in the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry to examine the condition of pressurised piping and equipment.  Done well, the information it provides can assist in the management of Plant Safety; done badly, the information could provide a false impression of the integrity and safety of the Plant.

Safety critical task analysis (SCTA): Reflective practice

Safety critical task analysis (SCTA): Reflective practice

There are different ways of organising Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA). This is important for organisations to get right so they have the right balance between efficiency and thoroughness, and so they use appropriate tools and procedures to maximise their impact. SCTA is our forte and we have years of experience in conducting SCTA projects and helping organisations implement their own approaches.

The safety critical task analysis (SCTA) facilitator course

The safety critical task analysis (SCTA) facilitator course

This is the course for people who wish to facilitate Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) projects and sessions. Whether you’re a complete newbie or whether you have established practices for doing this and want to review and revitalise those or have a refresher, this is the course for you.

Human factors in Process Design course

Human factors in process design: new course

We recently developed and delivered a new course to raise awareness of Human Factors in Process Design, i.e. Topic 2 of the Human Factors COMAH Delivery Guide. It was a one-day course, delivered virtually over two half days that followed our blended approach to online learning.

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Human Reliability Associates (HRA) was founded in 1983 making it the longest established Human Factors consultancy in the UK. We provide consultancy services, training, and specialist software tools to support safety-critical industries to apply Human Factors.

Petroleum review: Keeping safe

People are an essential part of any safety critical industry. Safety depends on the performance of operational tasks, as well as maintenance, inspection and testing of automated systems. But what happens when things inevitably deviate from standard practice?