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Human Reliability Academy

Our *NEW* flagship Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) Course is now a Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) accredited short course. "Excellent delivery and a wealth of experience by the trainers specific to Safety Case requirements for Human Factors and Safety Critical Task Analysis!"

NEW half day Critical Communications Course to raise awareness about Human Factors issues to do with critical communication on site. NEW half day SCTA Refresher training course, which can also be used as an introduction and overview course.


Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) Course

Course Programme

1) Understand HSE expectations about managing Human Factors risks associated with Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) sites.

2) Apply a method for conducting Safety Critical Task Analysis that provides a good foundation for HSE acceptance, proven by many clients over our years of experience.

3) Begin to think about how Safety Critical Task Analysis can be embedded within your organisation’s safety and quality management systems.

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Human Reliability Academy

The Human Reliability Academy is our online learning platform that contains a growing library of courses. It plays a key role in our blended approach to online learning as it includes video talks, quizzes, activities, and workshops which can be complemented with live webinars. We have embraced the philosophy of the blended learning and the flipped classroom so delegates can:

1. Consume: Watch and listen to content

2. Apply: Apply through quizzes and exercises

3. Reflect: Discuss to clarify and develop learning

We will be developing courses to suit different sectors, free mini-courses, short courses to raise awareness about Human Factors topics and in-depth training so practitioners can apply new tools and methods. The Academy platform has allowed us to provide training to clients in the UK, SE Asia, Africa, mainland Europe and the US.


We are developing organisational support across six topic areas (COMAH delivery guide):

1) Managing Human Performance: This includes learning from risk assessment (looking ahead) and incidents (looking back).Our flagship Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) includes a systematic task analysis, failure analysis and performance influencing factors analysis. Recommendations include redesigning the system to be more intuitive and human-centred, redesign procedures to reflect work-as-done (Topic 4), and competency management so people have the right skills and knowledge for the riskiest steps of the task (Topic 5). This same methodology can be used for COMAH critical tasks, quality aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device design and other safety-critical tasks. This can be a complex undertaking but our course to gives delegates everything they need to start using this methodology, including use and training in our specialist software – Human Factors Risk Manager (HFRM).We will be developing a course on learning from incidents soon.

2) Human Factors for Design: Our half-day course includes an introduction to usability engineering, user-centred design, and an overview of methods for apply Human Factors for Design. A further half day includes how to manage Human Factors Integration for design projects for COMAH sites and how to carry out screening.

3) Critical Communications: Our half-day course gives an overview of critical communication issues for COMAH sites, including handover, Permit To Work (PTW), and SCTA. We’ve also included a section on learning from issues and practices from other sectors, e.g. healthcare, aviation and Formula One.

4) Procedure development: Our approach to procedure development is grounded in bridging between work-as-imagined (how people think the task should be performed) and work-as-done (how people actually do the task). We use a similar approach to that described in Topic 1, this utilises a systematic approach to task analysis, including workshops and walkthroughs. We can also create risk-informed procedures by examining what could go wrong and why for each step. Our specialist software can import procedures for the task analysis, and it can export procedures with warnings and comments once the analysis is complete.

5) Competency management: Following the procedures referred to above, in Topic 1, we can develop a competency standard and training aid from the risk-informed task analysis. This allows us to detail the skills, knowledge and core competencies needed for the most riskiest steps in the task. This can be used to manage high risk tasks, it can be used to optimise human performance, and it can be used to develop training material for staff and people using products like medical devices.

6) Organizational management and change: This is underdevelopment but we can offer advice on the development of Human Factors policies on site, and change management.

In-house courses

We provide in-house courses for companies, e.g. this might be to raise awareness of Human Factors for people involved in design projects, critical communications for operators, and Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) for people undertaking risk-assessments and gaining ownership of their own procedures.

Open courses

We have a programme of SCTA courses every quarter, twice through us and twice in conjunction with the Energy Institute. We are currently planning more courses as demand rises, and hope to have a more developed programme of wider courses soon. Please contact us for more detail as the demand for different courses could help shape our timetable.

Self-directed courses

We now offer a self-directed version of the SCTA course after it has been used to good effect. This suits people who do not wish to wait for a scheduled course, people who prefer to work through at their own pace and schedule, and people who need the flexibility due to their work commitments.

Stay in touch

We continue to innovate and develop our training offering for COMAH sites and for different sectors. Please sign-up to our communications so we can keep you updated New Course announcements, Special Promotions and more. For every sign up you`ll receive the first draft of our Human Factors Critical Task Review HFCTR Handbook FREE of charge.

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