Last Chance; Prize draw - Over $10k worth of training and software to be won!

Last Chance; Prize draw - Over $10k worth of training and software to be won!

Human Factors Critical Task Review (HFCTR) 

Prize Draw 2020

Over $10k (£7k) worth of training and software can be won!


Why are we doing a prize draw?

We specialise in proactive Human Factors Critical Task Reviews (HFCTR) which have been used to manage human factors issues in safety-critical industries for over the past 30 years. HFCTR is based on SHERPA (Systematic Human Error Reduction in Process Analysis), an integrated HF methodology applied in sectors such as Healthcare, Aviation, Medical Device design, Pharma manufacturing and Petrochemicals. We are running this promotional competition, so more people can find out about us, our training, our software tools and our consultancy expertise.


What are the prizes?

We are offering each of three lucky winners:

  • A place on our flagship HFCTR Facilitator Course taking place in March 2021, worth £1,500 ($1950)
  • A three-month licence for the Human Factors Risk Manager (HFRM) software suite worth £1250 ($1625).


How do I take part?

To take part, all you need to do is complete 100% of our free online 30-minute mini-course on HFCTR and indicate you wish to enter the competition. We have three different prize draws that will each have one winner:

  1. Public: The first is fully open and all you have to do is complete the mini-course and indicate at the end that you would like to enter the competition. Prize draw planned for 7th December 2020.
  2. HFES 2020: The second is for people who attend our virtual booth at HFES 2020. You will need to pick up a password from us at the booth, that you can enter at the end of the mini course to prove you have accessed the HFES virtual booth. Prize draw planned for 12th October 2020. UPDATE 1st Dec 2020: No valid entries were received so this place will be moved to (4) below.
  3. Hazards30 Conference for the Process industries: The third is for people who attend our virtual booth at Hazards30. You will need to pick up a password from us at the booth, that you can enter at the end of the mini-course to prove you have accessed the Hazards30 virtual booth. Prize draw planned for 30th November 2020. UPDATE 1st Dec 2020: We have made the prize draw and will contact the lucky winner shortly.
  4. Public: This was the HFES 2020 place, but it will now be open to the public. Prize draw planned for 14th January 2021.


How do I access the mini-course?

Anyone can access the free online 30min mini-course on HFCTR through the Human Reliability Academy:

Link to our Free Mini-course HFCTR


What is the HFCTR Facilitator Course in March 2021?

The Human Factors Critical Task Review (HFCTR) Facilitator course introduces delegates to proactive Human Factors Critical Task Reviews: HTA, failure and PIF analysis.


The course can be done over 3-5 weeks. It includes over 20hrs of video talks, quizzes, activities, workshops and webinars. Participants will engage with a detailed road tanker offloading case study as part of the course, which has a high degree of vulnerability to different types of human failure.


The course is ideal for those involved in the Process Safety sector: e.g. oil, gas, energy and chemicals; however, other safety-critical industries would also benefit from the learning. The course is comprehensive, hands on, includes case studies, use of an advanced tool (i.e. HFRM), and practical tips about how to get the most from the process. Organizations would benefit from a proactive approach to Human Factors, risk-informed procedure development, and task-based competence management.

Find out more information about the course: 


What is the Human Factors Risk Management (HFRM) software?

The Human Factors Risk Management (HFRM) software supports people and organisations in applying Human Factors. The core modules include a powerful Hierarchical Task Analysis engine, a structured Failure analysis and a process for assessing and improving factors which give rise to the identified errors (Performance Influencing Factors, PIFs). This can be used for a human reliability assessment, risk-informed procedure design and task-based competence management. Further information and demonstration video can be found on our website:

Link to HFRM Software

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to receive a demonstration version of the software and a free online demonstration.



  • I do not work in the Process Safety industry, is the course and the software still relevant to me and can I enter the competition? You can still enter. The methods we teach are relevant to any safety-critical industry interested in Human Factors. The examples and regulations we use on the course are related to Process Safety, but these are transferable to other sectors.
  • Is this UK focused? We have intentionally scheduled the webinars for the training so we can include delegates on the East and West coast of the US and UK. We will include a US perspective. As the course is fully online, other regions are welcome to join.
  • Can I still attend the training and use the software if I don’t win? We want to encourage people to sign up, so we can help more people adopt these efficient, effective and practical processes. Have a look at the course program and details, take a look at our software and speak to us.
  • I have already completed the mini-course, can I still enter? You will need to log back into the mini-course and indicate you wish to enter the competition – there is a new section with questions about this at the end of the mini-course.


Prize Draw: Terms and conditions

Only one entry is allowed per person. Non-winning entries in the HFES and Hazards prize draws will be included in the final Public prize draw. The prizes are non-transferable. They cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or any other alternative. Completing the mini-course 100% means that all parts must be marked as complete and at least 90% of all the online video material and exercises have been viewed/completed as measured by the online platform. The training must be used on the March 2021 course. The software licence will be for March, April and May to cover the course and a two months period after the course where people can start to put this into practice.


Any questions? Contact us at +44 1257 463121


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