HRA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Capability Statement

HRA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Capability Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Capability Statement 

It can be challenging meeting regulatory expectations, achieving action deadlines, project schedules and annual objectives during these unprecedented times. As a direct result of this, you may be mainly focusing on your core business and revising project targets downwards. What we are experiencing, is that some of our clients have told us that they want to maintain momentum with their human factors work, to be in a better position when restrictions start to ease. To ensure these critical processes continue, the team at Human Reliability Associates Limited, have devised and implemented new initiatives to assist our clients during this period.  Conventional approaches are not currently viable, however, outlined below are our modified training and consultancy services, which can be conducted now and as the lockdown gradually lifts.

  • Human Factors Critical Task Reviews We are using video-conferencing and our Human Factors Risk Manager (HFRM) software in workshops, meaning that participants can contribute from home and/or their worksite.  The preparation of additional task context (e.g. photos, video) has helped discussion, and we have adjusted the process for remote working to maximise engagement, particularly for participants new to the process.  The main element that we have not been able to replicate is the task walkthrough.  Therefore, we are recommending that outputs are provisional until site visits become possible again.  See our blog on coronavirus and human factors safety for more details.
  • Human Factors Policy Gap Analysis and Development – We use current policies and procedures to conduct a tabletop review against current legislative and best practice requirements. Once the gap analysis is complete, we schedule a series of videoconferencing interviews with key personnel to further understand the implementation of the processes and systems. The draft report is discussed via a further teleconference prior to finalising the report and recommendations.
  • Safety Critical Task Review Training & Mentoring – We continue to assist clients with their annual training plans, using a blended, distance learning approach, which involves pre-recorded sessions, webinars and coaching sessions following practical assignments which have been conducted on in-house company safety critical tasks. In addition to this, mentoring options are available via teleconferencing for candidates requiring further support and review of their safety critical review’s. Check out our new ‘free’ mini-course on safety critical task review now!
  • Human Factors Risk Manager (HFRM) software suiteA comprehensive tool for supporting human factors analyses. HFRM is an integrated set of human factors tools that supports a wide range of analyses typically carried out in safety critical industries such as petrochemical, aviation, power generation and healthcare.  These tools have been applied extensively in many projects over the past 15 years and have been shown to make substantial contributions to safety and efficiency. See HFRM.

We will continue to monitor government advice for travel, and face to face meetings, so we can provide services to you while keeping our staff and clients safe.

About HRA

HRA was founded by Dr David Embrey over 30 years ago in NW England.  With its team of experienced consultants and engineers, HRA has achieved an international reputation in the management of the human factors in systems.  Please get in touch to discuss the issues mentioned above, or any other Human Factors issues facing your organisation.